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Shift Your
E-Commerce Operations
from Manual to Smart 

Stop struggling to fulfill these E-Commerce orders with spreadsheets and a stack of legacy systems

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Everything you need to deliver your best  End-to-End E-Commerce Logistics


Deliver Your Best

Say goodbye to the complexities of e-commerce logistics and hello to streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and unrivaled control.


With Goods platform, delivering your goods is made easy,
so you can further unbox growth: 


  • Avoid inventory inaccuracies

  • Reduce order processing errors

  • Increase picking and packing efficiency

  • Automate manual processes

  • Forget about integration issues

  • Gain real-time visibility

  • Lower communication breakdowns

  • Easily process returns

  • Simplify complex orders

Start winning against E-Commerce orchestration headaches with a growth mindset

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All Your Fulfillment Needs
in a Single Pane of Glass

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Goods is one system that does it all: 


  • Orders management

  • Inventory Forecast (MRP)

  • Pick & Pack

  • Billing

  • Inventory

  • Purchasing

  • Allocation

  • Shipping

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Streamline and Scale

Goods cloud-based system includes multi-channel order management, warehouse management, procurement, Pick & Pack, shipping, inventory forecast, reporting,  billing, and more.

Real-time Demand Forecasting 

and material requirements planning (MRP)

Inventory Management (WMS)

for multiple stores and warehouses in real-time

Field Sales App

with real-time inventory and allocation


Digital Picking and Packing

using barcodes and Goods app or RF Gun


Centralized Sales Orders and Returns
from all your sales channels

Procurement and Inbound Management

from PO to receiving and putaway

Streamlined Billing and Invoicing
customized to fit your needs


Generate Tracking Numbers
and print shipping labels

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Plug & Play Integrations

For the leading e-commerce, payment, accounting, and shipping solutions

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“We see a strong connection between our market growth and the technologies we have at Moroccanoil.  

The flexibility of goods enables us to open new logistics  locations.”


Shahar Pelach




Deliver Your Best 

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