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Your Partner in Israel
to Meet Your Product
Development Goals

GlobalLogic is a global product development services giant, with over 20,000 engineers in 14 countries, that provides Israeli companies with comprehensive solutions for development, engineering and operation in a variety of fields, from chip to cloud.


GlobaLogic Israel helps R&D managers and CTOs in Israeli companies (from small to large) to successfully meet their product development and operational goals.
The company design with you the requirements and success factors in the product development process and then harnesses the global strengths of GlobalLogic to successfully implement the required solution:

  • ​Access to wide, high-quality human capital reserves with unique characteristics

  • Ability to recruit and establish full dedicated teams

  • One-Stop-Shop to a variety of expertise

  • Global deployment

  • A complete, broad and stable solution over time

  • Strict privacy and intellectual property policies

  • Added value global labs and R&D centers 


:A variety of expertise
From Chip to Cloud

Chip enablement software

  • Firmware

  • BSP

  • Drivers

  • Security

  • Virtualization

End to end vertical solutions differentiation

  • Automotive

  • IoT

  • Networking

  • MedTech

  • Industrial

  • Connected consumer

Digital platforms and digital experiences

  • Cloud offerings

  • Development tools

  • Cloud offerings

  • Ecosystem engagement

Industries We Specialize In

We’ve Helped These Brands Shape Their Business & Future

About GlobalLogic

  • Established in 2000

  • Company Headquarters - San Jose, Silicon Valley

  • Over 20,000 engineers 

  • Hundreds of customers around the world

  • Dedicated and tailor-made solution for each customer 

  • Dozens of development centers and dedicated labs 


Since 2021, Globalogic is a Hitachi Group Company
Combining the Power of Hitachi Technology with GlobalLogic Digital Engineering for Better Customer Outcomes

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